Lack of staff is limiting martech automation platforms from being used optimally

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September 29, 2021, 3:49 AM GMT+0

Demand Spring surveyed B2B organisations to understand their use of marketing automation technology.

The report found that measuring the ROI of marketing automation is a challenge faced by about 50% of those polled. 47% are unsure about whether ROI can be attributed to the marketing automation platform (MAP) being used.

A small 2% of respondents have reported over 200% of ROI being attributed to MAP. Another 5% report an ROI between 100%-199%. However, of those companies that are able to trace ROI back to MAP, 51% see an ROI higher than 10%.

The study also revealed that MAPs aren’t being optimally used. Lack of staff (55%) and lack of knowledge on additional features (29%) are key hindrances in MAPs being utilised optimally. Further, 39% of respondents have reported that MAPs have helped improve overall efficiency by 15-35%.  

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