Storytelling approach can help create relatable and memorable social posts

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September 30, 2021, 3:51 PM GMT+0

With emotional, relatable and memorable storytelling, brands can garner more user interaction and trigger authentic conversations.

Instead of pitching sales through social posts, brands should leverage the art of storytelling to create social media posts that resonate with the audience. The storytelling approach can help brands create content pieces that effectively engage audiences, build interest, establish trust and captivate readers.

Through effective storytelling, companies must answer questions about their mission, brand idea and the core objective of their business. But, they should maintain transparency and respond to consumers with honesty.

When talking about the brand, marketers must use stories or anecdotes that are remarkable, relatable and unusual. For instance, Dove focuses on storytelling around real people, not models. With their “Real Beauty” campaign, the company featured the idea of real women feeling confident about different body types. These kinds of stories are more likely to resonate with people, initiate meaningful conversations and get shared by them.

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