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October 01, 2021, 2:06 AM GMT+0

Checking how content appears on mobile devices can help brands correct any publishing mistakes.

Brands can improve user experience, SEO, and content marketing efforts by developing mobile-friendly responsive websites across devices. Writing strong introductions with relevant information on web pages can help marketers convey valuable information to site visitors and “hook” them onto the site.

Split long paragraphs into shorter content and track readers’ consumption patterns via tools to create compelling content. Create a summary to highlight important information, as well as remove unnecessary, difficult, and repetitive words to write simple and brief content.

Incorporating complementary videos or images and using high contrasting colours is recommended to enhance SEO ranking, retain users, and boost accessibility. Craft short titles to ensure it displays in one line for mobile searches, and place CTAs top and centre of the page to drive conversions.

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