Use transcription services to boost content accessibility and reach

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October 01, 2021, 4:59 PM GMT+0

Transcription services are business services that transcribe audio from different sources to text.

Brands can use transcription services to transcribe podcasts, workshops, videos and live speeches into text. It can not only help businesses preserve audio content in text format but also help marketers repurpose those content to create high-value content for other platforms.

Businesses can utilise transcription services to convert videos into blog posts. It can help brands enhance the accessibility of those video content. After transcribing podcasts into text, marketers can add visuals to the transcribed text and create videos out of them.

Marketers can also create informative case studies and white papers out of the transcribed text. They can then provide these value-added content pieces to their customers, in exchange for email addresses. Further, use the transcribed text to create engaging social media posts. For instance, turn a podcast into a transcript and use tweet-worthy quotes from the episode to share online.

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