Collaborate with the right B2B influencer or Key Opinion Leader to improve CX

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October 06, 2021, 3:35 PM GMT+0

A TopRank Marketing survey found 74% of marketers agree influencer marketing improves customer and prospect experience with the brand.

The survey also found that most marketers agree marketing results would improve significantly if they included a B2B influencer-marketing program. Keeping these numbers in mind, B2B companies must pay more attention to influencer marketing.

B2B brands should collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) – in which partnerships are less about “buy now!” and more about gaining new insights from a trusted source. They should program their KOL partnerships in a manner that revolves around helping the audience learn something new or gain perspectives from KOLs in their area of expertise and not about direct sales.

Marketers can use platforms like Rival IQ and Sparktoro to find the right KOL for their brand. But, they should evaluate whether the KOL’s content is the right fit for their business objectives and target audiences before partnering with a KOL. Analyse the KOL’s audience reach, the kind of brands they work with, and how they affect the KOL’s influence before taking a call.

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