Simplify B2B marketing strategy and secure C-suite buy-in for marketing success

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October 06, 2021, 2:07 AM GMT+0

CMOs at B2B firms should use employee advocacy programs, consumer advisory boards, and involve the C-suite to enhance B2B marketing. 

B2B marketing has grown in complexity over the years, and B2B marketers would benefit from simplifying branding and marketing efforts. The article outlines steps marketers and businesses could take to simplify B2B marketing.

Brands should streamline and focus their B2B marketing efforts on fewer channels and personas instead of chasing multiple clients across channels. Having a brand motive or purpose, as well as offering unique products and services can boost B2B efforts.

Craft purpose-driven statements and use consistent colours, images, fonts and more across departments to stand out. CMOs must collaborate with CFOs and data chiefs to track KPIs, automate marketing tech, test solutions, and predict information needed by buyers.

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