Use colour psychology to choose a colour palette aligned with the brand design

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October 06, 2021, 8:43 AM GMT+0

Incorporate a photography and iconography style, and include illustrations, audio, and videos to build a brand identity.

Branding includes using elements like logo, colour palette, tagline, fonts and website design.  A brand design bridges those characteristics to convey a brand identity. Create a unique and consistent brand identity across all the branding elements for authentic branding efforts and strategies.

Businesses must pay special attention to their logo design because logos are the first element of a brand identity. It's best to use a main typeface for the logo and headlines, and a secondary font for the rest of the text.

Understanding how different colours affect the mood of the target audience can help businesses choose a colour palette that works with other design elements. Consider positioning factors like product benefits, communication tools, competitors in the design process.

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