Digital B2B brand ambassadors with conversational ability enhance CX

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October 07, 2021, 2:49 AM GMT+0

Companies should build digital brand ambassadors that aren’t just chatbots but as close to a real person as possible to engage with consumers on a human level.

Integrating hyper-realistic digital avatars with personalities or creating a digital brand personality can help businesses enhance B2B influencer marketing efforts. Collaborate with well-known public figures to develop a digital brand ambassador to boost marketing campaigns and awareness.

Code a digital personality to entice audiences, build emotional connections via non-verbal cues and expressions, and offer positive experiences. Develop a conversational digital personality with accurate interactions and expressions to convey proper human emotions in the right situations.

Marketers can incorporate varied types of content in digital brand ambassadors to deliver a balanced consumer experience (CX) and make the digital personalities a multimodal interface. Evaluate the behaviour and interactions of “digital humans” to streamline and personalise them.

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