Google launches new filters to provide eco-friendly options in search results

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October 07, 2021, 4:01 PM GMT+0

The filters will help users make more sustainable choices while planning their travel or buying appliances.

In an effort to let users make environmentally conscious decisions, Google’s update to Google Flights will display details like carbon emissions directly in search results. Along with carbon emission estimates for nearly every flight, the results will also show associated emissions per seat for every flight.

Users can also evaluate hotels based on their waste reduction or water conservation efforts. When it comes to appliances, the new filters offer sustainable options for energy-intensive products. Google will also offer users the most fuel-efficient routes when searching for a location in Maps. This feature will be launched in Europe next year.

Google is working on other updates including “Lite” Navigation that will give cyclists crucial details about their route. Similarly, Google will also display hybrid and electric vehicle options against gas-powered models.

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