Strategically leveraging anchor text can help brands improve their SEO efforts

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October 07, 2021, 4:15 PM GMT+0

Anchor text is the visible word or phrase that links to other content like another website, a PDF or a different page of the same website.

When implemented appropriately, anchor texts can help brands improve search rankings and signal Google crawlers about the site’s relevancy and authority. When done poorly, it can sink the brand’s content in the eyes of Google. To enhance SEO efforts with anchor text, marketers must use accurate, descriptive anchor text to establish relevancy.

Use quality anchor text with internal links – that has other helpful information – to establish topical breadth. Use relevant anchor text and make sure these text bits are not misleading to avoid disappointing customers and negatively affecting search rankings.

There are different types of anchor text: Branded, Exact Match; Partial Match; Naked URLs; and Generic. Marketers should use a combination of all these anchor texts to portray their brand as a well-rounded and informative source. But, make sure the anchor texts are relevant, specific, contextual, and not stuffed with keywords, too long or generic.

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