Audiences want gaming companies to engage with them across different channels

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October 08, 2021, 4:21 PM GMT+0

Gaming companies must create authentic content to increase brand visibility across social media channels.

With the pandemic bringing gaming into the mainstream, gaming companies are now providing an online ecosystem for their users. For instance, the video game Fortnite hosts virtual concerts. Similarly, another video game Avakin Life creates and launches new virtual artists.

The crossover between gaming and digital publishing has made users demand content through digit-first formats like Twitch and YouTube. Publishers and developers are collaborating over opportunities to offer users direct engagement with their favourite streamers, players and games. Similarly, high profile gaming streamers made appearances in the movie “Free Guy”.

Marketers should use this opportunity to create value-added content relevant to different demographics and geographics within the gaming ecosystem. Such content on social media helps games boost followers, drive player retention and user acquisition.

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