Follow SEC guidelines before making IPO announcements or setting up interviews

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October 08, 2021, 2:14 AM GMT+0

Consult the legal team for guidance on how to best comply with the SEC regulations, when going public.

Businesses that want to go from being privately held to being publicly traded, should plan and execute their initial public offering (IPO) campaigns. PR pros must do their part in following SEC's guidelines, before building momentum for IPO campaigns, without breaching regulations.

SEC laws will apply to company spokespersons, and businesses should execute their IPO campaigns in accordance with them. Before performing any media interviews or releasing content about the IPO on social media, it is suggested that all IPO announcements be approved or “cross the wire.”

Instead of revealing information not formally included in the corporate announcement, like financial information, and more, use publicly available information for interviews. Do not relay any information in advance or predict, speculate, disclose, and provide forward-looking statements.

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