Google to ban advertising that denies the effects of climate change

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October 08, 2021, 2:30 AM GMT+0

The ban will eliminate the financial incentives that funds the creation of related misinformation.

Following the removal of anti-vaccine activists and accounts from YouTube, Google on Thursday announced a policy banning the monetisation of content that denies climate change impacts. Content that contends climate change is a hoax, scam, or a political manoeuvre, and more cannot be monetised anymore.

Ads that promote the denial of climate change will be barred as well. The new policy update will roll out to YouTube’s publisher and creator monetisation tool by early November. In December, all of Google’s advertising platforms will implement the policy changes.

Ads or content monetisation that emphasise public debates about climate policy, solutions, the real effects, and more will not be affected by the policy. Google will broaden the scope of information around human-caused climate change with this new policy.

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