Marketers must use popular keywords before they are overused

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October 08, 2021, 2:47 PM GMT+0

With Google Trends, brands can identify relevant keywords and phrases that are growing popular.

Google Trends also helps marketers use ecommerce AI analysis capabilities to identify keywords and phrases closely related to the core keywords in the brand copy. Brands can incorporate such keywords as well to boost their page rankings. Keep tabs on which relevant keywords are growing in popularity.

Similarly, keep an eye for breakout keywords. These keywords are those with an over 5000% increase in popularity. Though they may not be very competitive yet, marketers can use those keywords before they are overused. Brands can then use those keywords before they become commonplace among competitors.

Use Google Trends to focus on search terms and keywords by geographics terms. This helps brands prioritise local search engine optimisation while creating a website or brand copies.

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