Build a shared understanding of personalisation using consumer data to boost CX

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October 11, 2021, 3:25 AM GMT+0

Customers are cautious about sharing personal data with businesses for personalised marketing.

Marketers believe personalisation in customer experience (CX) can reinforce customer relationships, boost satisfaction, engagement, and acquisition, as well as increase revenue and retention. According to NTT’s 2021 report, 90% of consumers find marketing personalisation to be “very or somewhat” appealing.

However, organisations and consumers have opposing viewpoints on personalisation. Consumers claim personalisation is defined by how well organisations listen and respond to them. The report contends consumers like having choices when it comes to how they interact with brands, rather than companies trying to proactively upsell or cross-sell.

Despite personalisation being addressed, a lack of shared understanding between brands and consumers is hindering personalisation marketing efforts. Collecting and analysing better data can help marketers understand consumers’ preferences, when it comes to personalisation and enhance CX.

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