Business leaders should understand employees and consumers to lower polarisation

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October 11, 2021, 1:38 AM GMT+0

Establishing a clear and consistent engagement policy on social issues can mitigate inappropriate behaviours and reduce polarisation.

Companies that want to tackle polarising issues among consumers, employees, and the market they operate in should create a strategic plan. Not taking a clear stance or inaction may lower consumer loyalty and cause a backlash.

Listen to employees from across cultural and geographical backgrounds to learn about their interests and more. To understand the diversity in the organisation, host roundtable conferences and anonymous surveys. Collaborate with “like-minded” businesses to fine-tune approach towards DE&I and climate change.

Encourage intergroup dialogues, entertain moderate or unexpressed views, build a company ecosystem wherein people can express beliefs to reduce “antagonism.” Investing in tech solutions and supporting fact-based communication is advised. Use the organisation’s global presence to bridge international gaps and connect with consumers with diverse perspectives.

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