Guide customers through relevant brand videos and content using YouTube cards

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October 11, 2021, 5:46 PM GMT+0

Brands can use the Cards feature to boost subscribers, drive deeper engagement with brand videos and focus on audience retention.

YouTube Cards are notifications that appear within the video frame itself. Once set up, cards are displayed via small circles with an “i” in the middle or a video teaser at the top right corner of the video. With cards, brands can direct audiences to a variety of destinations.

For instance, users can click on the card button to head to other relevant YouTube videos. This way, marketers can take their audiences through a series of videos, YouTube channels or video playlists. Brands can also use cards to display the subscribe button for their channel.

YouTube cards help brands inform customers about their partners and collaborators, who may have inspired a particular video. This allows brands to build credible social proof. 

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