Influencers seek an equal footing in collaborations with brands

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October 11, 2021, 6:46 PM GMT+0

With copyright protection entering the influencer-marketing picture, brands must prepare to empower creators.

A TikTok creator was recently granted the right to copyright popular choreographed moves using labanotation. The process records bodily movements using symbols and specific patterns aligned with musical accompaniment. This is a significant development in an ongoing conversation to empower creators and grant them protection for their IPs while collaborating with brands.

As brand-influencer collaborations move to become more equitable for all parties involved, creators may seek to align production timelines with copyright timelines. Now that copyright clauses are making their way to contracts, brands should also prepare to negotiate more complex agreements.

Brands should now make creators feel valued by crediting creators who inspire brand campaigns and establish clear compensation standards. More importantly, adapt to changing times and empower creators to secure copyright protection. 

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