Keep ecommerce sites simple, interactive to attract customers

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October 11, 2021, 5:33 PM GMT+0

Businesses must focus on improving CX and win customers in an increasingly competitive ecommerce space.

With customer research, brands must identify what catches their target audiences’ attention, behaviour patterns, and interests. This is crucial, given that trends and preferences keep changing constantly. Incorporate video elements, like product demos and tutorials to attract users.

Make sure the ecommerce site offers diverse payment options. Brands must feature customer testimonials to help clients understand brands better and trust them enough to make a purchase. Offer AR-enabled features like virtual try-on to enhance CX.

About 50% of all web browsing takes place on mobile phones. This means brands will have to create and tests sites for seamless mobile viewing. Although brands need to stick out among the competition, keeping the brand theme simple can prove more inviting than flashy designs.

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