Marketing plans must aid overall growth plans and anticipate industry changes

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October 12, 2021, 4:44 PM GMT+0

Marketers must ensure their plans are simple and clearly explain how to help businesses increase short and long-term revenues. 

Instead of getting embroiled in like engagement, content and impressions, marketers must use their marketing plans to answer five crucial questions. To begin with, determine whether the marketing plan is aligned with the corporate strategy. The plan must support the growth plans outlined by the business. 

Similarly, the marketing plan must prioritise levers that have proven to be the most effective for the brand. For certain brands, product enhancement might work better in engaging audiences than sponsorship. 

Marketing plans must anticipate future changes such as instances of price elasticity change and better conversion rates. Select relevant KPIs to show the effectiveness of a specific approach. Brands should ensure their marketers analyse past performance and eliminate non-essential spend areas. 

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