Facebook develops a new pair of AR glasses with a real-world perspective

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October 14, 2021, 5:29 PM GMT+0

The company teamed up with 13 universities to employ 855 people across nine countries to wear GoPro cameras and collect videos.

To create a dataset of egocentric training film dubbed as Ego4D and train AR glasses to offer first-person point-of-view, Facebook collaborated with 13 universities. The data will aid Facebook in developing and training an AI assistant to understand how users interact with other people, things, and surroundings.

The AI can recollect what users have seen or heard in the past to assist them with current tasks and predict future needs. According to Kristen Grauman, facebook's lead researcher, five AI tasks have been listed based on "The fundamentals needed to build any or many applications".

These include "Episodic memory", "Forecasting", "Object manipulation" and more. The data collected by the university partners range from 50 to 800 hours, notes Grauman.

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