Variety and quality reign supreme when engaging audiences with brand content

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October 14, 2021, 4:21 PM GMT+0

Instead of volume, brands must focus on creating content that is relevant to their audiences.

While marketers are often advised to post social media content every weekday, it is more of an expectation than a rule. For instance, Twitter witnessed the most brand content volume, almost three times more than Instagram posts. But Instagram audiences engaged seven times with content than Twitter users.

If marketers want to increase content frequency, they should boost the number of real-time experiences like webinars and behind-the-scenes. Experiment with content types. Avoid sticking to text-only content and incorporate main feed posts, images, GIFs and infographics to impress users.

Choose metrics that are most valuable to the brand and the end-goals of the marketing campaigns. Finally, use editorial calendars to plan for seasonal content and use the right hashtags to accompany thematic posts.

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