Avoid going overboard with personalisation for helpful, appropriate messaging

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October 15, 2021, 1:33 PM GMT+0

Consumers tend to steer away from brands that over-personalise their messages.

Personalisation has sat on the marketing thrown for brands looking to offer better UX and deepen relationships with customers. But a Gartner survey of 2,500 respondents has revealed that customers are three times more likely to abandon a brand if it “over-personalises” than non-personalised brand messages.

This proves that the personalisation of brand messages is a question of balance. While brands must personalise their messages to make their content relevant and targeted, personalisation must fall short of seeming inappropriate.

Brand messages must prove to be helpful. Along with being practical, messages must include customer data limited to three data dimensions. By tailoring the element of personalisation in messages, brands can focus on what the target audience needs help with the most.

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