Building a keyword seed list can help brands rank for a variety of relevant phrases

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October 15, 2021, 1:40 PM GMT+0

Conduct in-depth keyword research to fine-tune SEO and improve search ranking.

Having a grasp of the business, competitors, important products, and keywords to rank for can help brands enhance their keyword research. Build a keyword seed list that encapsulates a single term in broader keyword phrases, like "flower" as a keyword seed for "women's floral perfume".

Include every keyword combination of terms, competitive phrases, and more to create a keyword seed list. Brands can use tools like Mergewords to combine columns of seed keywords in their spreadsheet to gather every possible and relevant long-term phrase.

Integrate the merged seeds into Google Keyword Planner using Google Ads to convert merged keyword seeds into numerical data. Merging All .csv Files into one spreadsheet and cleaning up the Keyword Research Excel spreadsheet is recommended.

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