Most People would avoid brands that mindlessly ape viral video trends.

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October 15, 2021, 6:09 PM GMT+0

Choose relevant influencers, back purpose with action to attract Gen Z.

A TextNow study has revealed that 42.9% of Gen Z shoppers turn away from brands that use influencers and memes. However, 40.2% of Gen Zs are also likely to make a purchase if the product features in an influencer’s sponsored post.

These numbers imply that marketers will have to zero in on the best influencers within key segments rather than social celebrities with the most reach. 44.6% do not like it when brand content is irrelevant and not personalised. Gen Z also uses smartphones most for calls and texts, followed by social media.

For this generation, mental health advocacy is the most important with 71% of respondents likely to patronise a brand that incorporates the issue in their advertising. Public health and safety (66.2%) and sustainability (65.8%) form other significant topics Gen Z cares about.

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