Tread a thin line with humour on social media to avoid misinterpretations

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October 18, 2021, 3:13 PM GMT+0

While brands must be careful before using humour in their content, they must not shun it completely.

Humour helps to humanise the brand and associate the brand with positive emotions. But humour can also be easily misconstrued. This is why marketers must run their jokes through at least two to three people in a neutral setting before posting in on social media.

Brands need to interact with active users by responding to comments, sharing and liking their reposts and thank people for their interaction. Marketers can also consider running giveaways online to reach audiences and increase brand awareness.

Though it is crucial for brands to use hashtags with their social media posts for increased reach, taking into account how different platforms treat hashtags. For example, while most platforms prefer up to two hashtags, LinkedIn and TikTok can take up to five.

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