Craft well-researched, customer-centric whitepapers to capture leads

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October 19, 2021, 3:48 PM GMT+0

Brands must ensure they publish whitepapers that are written from the customer’s perspective and help prospects solve real problems.

Whitepapers are not meant to review products or promote the company per se. Whitepapers should be centred around helping customers solve a problem. Companies should use this form of valuable content to highlight how their products and services can solve customers’ real-life challenges.

While whitepapers should reflect a professional tone, they need not be boring. Include first-hand research and use clear, descriptive language to make whitepapers interesting. Instead of featuring opinions, brands should use statistics in their whitepapers to help customers make informed decisions.

But, fact-check every statement and proofread the content before publishing a whitepaper. Use high-quality stock images to make whitepapers more engaging. Further, include real-world examples, graphics, stories and quotes to keep readers invested. Use these well-researched, customer-centric and value-added whitepapers to capture leads, collect prospect’s email addresses, demonstrate expertise and boost conversions.

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