Leveraging content focused on building loyalty can help businesses retain customers

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October 19, 2021, 3:52 PM GMT+0

Marketers can create relevant content to upsell products or services, gather consumers’ valuable personal data and reinforce brand trust.

Even the most loyal customers may not think twice before abandoning a brand, when offered new or more appealing alternatives. So, brands must leverage loyalty content to strengthen customer relationships and retain existing customers.

Brands can send personalised thank-you videos and email campaigns to keep customers up-to-date with their current offerings. Monitor feedback channels and customer service call logs to identify distress signals and offer solutions. Marketers must also use branded content to acknowledge customers on an individual level to prove that the individual’s time and interests are valued.

Create niche-based forums to build branded communities. Similarly, ensure weave elements of emotional storytelling in branded content to give audiences a stronger sense of what the business stands for.

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