Advertisers must focus on creating a pan-industry approach to cookie-exit

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October 20, 2021, 5:02 PM GMT+0

The industry must adopt an identification infrastructure that helps advertisers adopt a universal identification method.

The dust around the news of cookies exit has finally begun to settle, with advertisers now more willing to understand alternative identity solutions. But different ad tech platforms use other methods to identify users in different environments.

Similarly, data platforms are creating their own identity offerings without any common overarching approach to identity. To better prepare for the cookie exit, advertisers must adopt a universal method to identify and address customers across environments and devices.

Brands must also leverage technologies that allow them to achieve the highest privacy standards. This way, advertisers can regain consumers’ and regulators’ trust regarding data privacy. Identity solutions that focus on common values rather than specific cases stand better chances to achieve scale and widespread adoption.

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