Brands can use Instagram to build an audience for newsletters

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October 20, 2021, 5:49 PM GMT+0

Instagram can be an effective platform for brands to build an audience genuinely interested in reading their newsletters.

Brands can begin building ground for their newsletter by running weekly content in the form of disappearing stories that give audiences industry-specific insights. Marketers must remember that the main Instagram feed continues to be the most effective place on the app to reach audiences. Along with Instagram stories, focus on posting regularly on the main feed.

Once the brand has engaged users, offer links that provide more information about a topic. While brands can use Instagram to provide hyper-digestible and straightforward content, use newsletters to offer more in-depth knowledge.

Use Instagram stories, posts and account descriptions to convince users to subscribe to the newsletter. Although marketers can use Substack to run their newsletters, they can also set up single page websites using sites like Carrd.

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