Empowering smaller publishers to better connect with customers can prevent Big Tech hegemony

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October 20, 2021, 3:39 PM GMT+0

For publishers to succeed in a post-cookie ecosystem, they need to control their data and relationships with consumers.

Most of the discussions around a cookie-less future have revolved around solutions, technical nuances and a black box of acronyms that are difficult to understand. More importantly, such granularity threatens to leave the future of open internet in the hand of a few industry giants.

Stakeholders must ensure that such post-cookie solutions do not favour more prominent companies while alienating the small and mid-size publishers. Given that the ecosystem is crowded with middleware players and layers, there is enough room to bring advertisers closer to publishers and consumers.

The industry should focus on connecting publishers and consumers directly with advertisers. This focus can help in maintaining data transparency. Prioritise cookie-less solutions that support data-connected marketplaces with first-party publisher data while relying on a minimal amount of data to achieve the desired results.

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