Half of Americans consider a product if it has the endorsement of this group of people

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October 20, 2021, 5:38 PM GMT+0

A recent Ipsos study found half of Americans say they are more likely to consider a product or service if their favourite creator has promoted it.

With plenty of options available, consumers are finding it challenging to make the right choice. They are increasingly relying on influencers to make purchasing decisions. Studies show that creators give consumers an honest, inside look into the products and services and make them feel confident about purchases through product reviews and personal stories.

Established brands including Madewell, Schick and Ritz have successfully engaged creators to increase awareness and sales of the products. The Ipsos study also found that 47% of US consumers between 18s and 24s agree that they feel a personal connection to a brand when used by a creator they like.

The author suggests that brands should find creators who have a personal connection to their brand story to leverage influencer marketing effectively. Collaborating with various creators can help companies reach more comprehensive and diverse audiences and resonate with more people.

Partnerships with diverse creators can help marketers connect with people from various backgrounds and interests, increasing reach and influence. Influencers can also inspire people to continue searching for the brand across multiple platforms, including YouTube and Google.

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