Run better ad campaigns by planning for them on a quarterly basis

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October 22, 2021, 1:34 PM GMT+0

To keep priorities in line and respond to KPIs and metrics as campaign results come in, a quarterly ad campaign plan is necessary.

Evaluate previous quarter’s KPIs and metrics to find out what worked, what didn’t and what can be improved upon. Here, choose the KPIs and metrics that are most closely aligned with objectives.

Analyse the data related to the existing audience to get better audience insights that can help with targeting in the next quarter. This lets marketers determine if new audiences need to be reached, in addition to existing ones.

Select the platforms to use depending on the brand’s need. If a segmented part of the audience needs to be reached, use one or two platforms. But if the goal is to test various ad types and audience segments, more than just a couple of platforms could be used.  

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