Retailers must leverage AR to offer virtual product visualisation and touchless try-on

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October 25, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

Leveraging Augmented Reality technology can help companies achieve a 95% increase in visual attention.

Studies show that AR can be a tool for retailers to boost engagement. Implementing AR in retail can help companies achieve a 70% uplift in memory encoding and a 45% higher attention rate than TV or online. Consumers are increasingly looking for AR-based experiences, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, which increased the world’s awareness of QR codes and demand for contactless retail.

Around 55% of consumers want to be able to point their phone at any object and receive information about it. Because of this increased adoption of AR tech, brands should now leverage AR to provide services beyond entertainment and deliver personalised and contextually relevant information to their end-users as a utility.

Retailers should use this technology to boost their marketing, increase engagement, push market share in terms of time spent interacting with the brand and products – driving repeat visits. Utilising this technology to offer virtual product visualisation and try-on can help companies provide more information to consumers and eventually influence their conversion rates both online and in-store.

Leverage the technology to create interactive experiences connected to all static, passive and in-store materials, giving customers a reason to return to the store. AR can help companies drive attention, engagement, conversion, and sales and provide better measurement and analytics.

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