Combine content and inbound marketing to boost leads and conversions

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October 26, 2021, 3:14 AM GMT+0

Inbound marketing elements include ad banners, CTAs, user forms, and more, whereas content marketing encompasses blog articles, emails, and social media posts among others.

Syncing content and inbound marketing efforts with wider company goals can help brands boost long-term returns. While inbound marketing involves content optimisation to boost conversions, content marketing entails the usage of content resources, and marketing techniques to entice prospects.

Both content marketing and inbound marketing prioritise a customer-centric strategy and offer non-interruptive content across the buyer journey. While content marketing and inbound marketing may have similar goals, the methodology used in each of those tactics is different.

For example, in marketing strategy, inbound necessitates a synchronised effort across channels, while content marketing is focused on the performance of each content. Inbound and content marketing complement each other and investing in both is recommended.

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