Leverage social media to connect with journalists and get coverage

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October 27, 2021, 2:46 AM GMT+0

Continually engaging with journalists can help PR pros build meaningful relationships with them.

Before pitching a story to national media, PR practitioners should conduct thorough research on the outlets, journalists, their writing style, readership, and issues. This enables PR pros to persuade the media executives with a human touch.

PR professionals must provide journalists enough time to process the information, run it by their editors, and have it approved, as well as alert them of any upcoming pitches. Giving journalists a “heads-up” and pitching stories on recent trends can help PR pros get coverage.

Use social media to share, like, and comment on news stories or posts from journalists from relevant outlets to engage with them and build connections. PR pros must provide resources like images, infographics, and quotes while pitching to add value to their story and warrant coverage.

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