Help B2B buyers complete the research and buying process themselves

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October 28, 2021, 3:29 PM GMT+0

Brands must focus on offering customers buyer-driven experiences rather than focusing on marketing-driven campaigns.

According to data at Gartner, 33% of all B2B buyers prefer seller-free sales experiences. Similarly, McKinsey data suggest that 70% to 80% of buyers prefer digital self-service and remote engagement over face-to-face interaction. B2B buyers increasingly prefer taking control of the purchase process before connecting with an organisation or a sales rep.

Instead of overwhelming prospects with emails, phone calls, demo offers and meeting requests, B2B companies should first identify outcomes the prospect's desire. Brands must create content that explains, in clear steps, how the customer can solve their problem.

Next, businesses must offer various solutions to their problem and the potential disruption associated with each option.  Brands must involve audiences in conversation and allow them the freedom to schedule meetings when they want to.

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