Track competitor brands to create content-based projects that stand out

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November 01, 2021, 7:40 AM GMT+0

Tracking competitors’ projects can help brand optimise their own projects for better reach.

Before launching their content-based project, brands must identify their future competitors. They must first check what projects already exist and which ones are set to be announced soon. It can help marketers create unique, value-added and engaging content. They can then reach out to their competitors’ promoters and build some useful connections.

Those promoters may also be interested in associating with the brand’s project as well. Similarly, identifying competitors’ projects can help brands find keywords that other their projects may have targeted. This can help businesses optimise their own landing page and content pieces.

Brands must also work towards creating a distinct identity around their project. However, the project’s identity need not be the same as the brand identity. Analysing competitor brands and their similar projects can help businesses create an identity that can guide their projects to stand out.

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