Understand web accessibility laws to build an accessible website

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November 01, 2021, 1:39 AM GMT+0

Add alt text for product images, enable screen readers, and draft policies that accommodate people with disabilities, to enhance consumers’ online shopping experience.

Brands may positively influence the brand perception and behaviour of all consumers, whether disabled or abled, by developing an accessible websites. To build an accessible website, brands must ensure the website is easily navigable, and the content is structured and organised logically.

Include elements like headers and ensure all the buttons and links are clickable to help users navigate through the website. With one out of four Americans living with a disability, brands must ensure their site content is engaging and inclusive to attract prospects from all walks of life and drive sales.

Getting well-versed with web accessibility laws is recommended. Craft easy-to-understand and detailed product descriptions to drive consumers with cognitive disabilities down the sales funnel.

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