Deploy different campaigns to attract the right kind of influencer

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November 02, 2021, 8:25 AM GMT+0

Use monitoring tools like Awario to find influencers whose audiences align with the brand’s target audience.

Adding influencer partnerships in the marketing mix can help businesses yield higher returns, as well as track vital engagement metrics, execute campaigns and attain goals cost-effectively. To execute influencer marketing campaigns on a budget, segmenting influencers into nano, micro, and macro is recommended.

Assess social media networks for brand mentions to identify content creators who are discussing the brand or its products, as these creators are more likely to collaborate. Like influencer posts and comment on their content to build a rapport with them and collaborate on paid marketing campaigns. Consider creating varied influencer content campaigns like shoutouts, competitions, take-overs, brands ambassadorships and more, to attract influencers whose goals align with the brand.

Having a good understanding of different payment modes like cost-per-engagement (CPE) and pay-per-cost can help brands effectively track conversions and leads from influencer campaigns. Further, tracking metrics like average order value, click-through rates and number of views on influencers posts can enable marketers better measure the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns.

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