This new targeting method can help effectively target B2B buyers

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November 02, 2021, 5:12 PM GMT+0

Professional identity is a fresh way of thinking about audience segmentation that builds anonymous groups of professionals based on their role in the purchase process.

The professional identity uses a combination of data points, including a person’s role, function, company and level of seniority. With consumer privacy changing the world of targeting, B2B marketers must consider the identity of buyers and start differentiating between a consumer identity and a professional identity.

Leveraging professional identity can help marketers solve three main challenges of the digital marketing world: finding buyers, establishing trust and measuring success. Further, by focusing on in-market buyers, B2B advertisers can cut waste, generate better return on investments and build more effective audience segments.

By understanding buyers’ professional identity, marketers can easily create a strategy that builds trust over time and improves the chances of a lasting customer relationship. As a result, marketers will also be able to tailor messages for each professional identity.

Moving forward, marketers should also align campaigns to sales outcomes by measuring the efficacy of their marketing account level through signals, such as CRM data, to effectively measure the performance of B2B marketing efforts.

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