Use blockchain tech to attribute ad conversions and ROI

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November 04, 2021, 3:29 PM GMT+0

Blockchain’s “decentralised, transparent, immutable, and automated” capabilities can transform the digital ad market.

Due to ad fraud and the difficulty of tracing conversions backwards and attributing purchases, blockchain can help businesses record information. Blockchain can store data and prevent it from being tampered with and balance losses caused by inefficient digital ad business models.

By storing information like transactions, contracts, and more across participants, blockchain addresses the issue of a lack of trust in the advertising value chain. Participants can exchange assets without an intermediary, across borders in a secure and private environment because there is no centralised governing authority.

With the middlemen taken out of the picture in the advertising value chain, brands can lower costs in processing fees via blockchain. The tech allows for ad attribution, demonstrates ROI, and prevents “domain spoofing” via identifiers.

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