Larger, fewer, high-quality ads work best in grabbing audiences’ attention

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November 05, 2021, 5:22 PM GMT+0

Ads in larger formats and offering high-quality content are most effective in engaging customers.

According to a Lumen Research report, the quality of publisher content has a clear impact on display and video advertising. The analysis reveals that quality-rich content with slower scroll speeds drives advertising attention.

The average scroll speed for Ozone sites was 55 pixels per second compared to 63 pixels for other sites. Similarly, more prominent ads on desktops tend to grab more attention than smaller ads. Apart from larger ads and optimising mobile social media platforms to have larger formats, brands can also benefit from limiting the number of ads.

Fewer and better quality ads receive much more attention from users. The Lumen report primarily analysed digital advertising across the digital advertising platform - The Ozone Project’s portfolio.

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