Marketers must rethink their approach to consumers to eliminate bias

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November 05, 2021, 2:12 PM GMT+0

Brands must analyse whether their marketing strategies are functioning on embedded biases.

For a group of people that functions on audience reach-out and engage them meaningfully, an organisation’s marketing team must focus on unlearning embedded bias. While brands highlighted their commitments to specific values this past year, they should be in their consistent.

Marketers must engage employees in team discussions and identify existent biases. The company must analyse if it frequently segments cohorts around factors such as income and gender. If yes, such segmentation can result in the brand missing out on entire target groups.

Next, brands must imbibe a culture of introspection, where teams discard commodity learning and disingenuous terms like “user” and “buyer”. Instead, businesses must try and understand their audiences better. Marketers must avoid targeting groups on secondary characteristics and begin questioning the data they rely on.

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