Content amplification helps reach new consumers and drive ROI

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November 09, 2021, 1:21 PM GMT+0

Paid mediums like search engine ads, social media ads, newsletter sponsorships and more amplify content.

Amplifying published content lets brands drive visibility, engagement, and traffic rates, as well as boost ROI. Content amplification involves the process of promoting varied content assets via paid channels such as PPC, PR, newsletters, syndication platforms and more.

To amplify content, conduct research to understand user preferences, identify platforms and channels populated by the target audience, and create relevant content. Curating and amplifying a list of published content that already performs well is recommended.

Ask existing consumers to become brand advocates and motivate them to like, share and comment on the brand’s content via platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to boost amplification efforts. Brands can connect and engage with the right consumers by developing a well thought out content amplification plan.

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