Marketers must modify AI-generated content to personalise them for users

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November 09, 2021, 3:10 PM GMT+0

Brands must also ensure their product descriptions are clear, help customers understand how the product works and encourage sales.

While AI-generated copies help marketers save a lot of their time, they are not entirely reliable for creating compelling product descriptions. Product descriptions need to match the brand’s tone and priorities. Marketers may still rely on AI-generated copies, but they must rework lit, to add the necessary human touch and personalise the copy.

Similarly, descriptions should make good use of product explanations and social proof. Brands can prove that other users actually enjoy their products by including customer quotes and social media endorsements.

Brands must ensure that every product description answers their target audiences’ queries and tends to their pain points. For this, marketers can refer to insights from customer surveys, competitive analyses and social media monitoring.

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