Work to reduce negative experiences to retain consumers

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November 09, 2021, 2:56 AM GMT+0

Consider customer’s journey, improve the resolution time, and lower the likelihood of having separate interactions to resolve issues effectively.

Assessing things that customers don't care about can help executives prioritise projects, investments, make cultural changes, and improve customer services. Most customers don't mind switching channels as long as their issues are resolved in a single interaction.

Direct consumers to the "best-fit channel" to solve their problems effectively and without the need for additional interaction. While positive emotions work well to improve customer-centricity, “not infuriating the customer” is suggested.

Negative emotions can be reduced by being clear, sharing credible information, and confirming that the customer's complaint has been heard. Instead of adding unnecessary sympathy and attempting to boost satisfaction via service interaction, understand consumer personas and offer value through products and services.

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