Instead of hurried answers, offer long-term solutions to customers’ issues

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November 10, 2021, 4:38 PM GMT+0

As long as they know their grievances are being dealt with genuinely and in the right direction, customers do not mind spending extra time on grievance redressal. 

Brands generally try to resolve customer queries and complaints as soon as they can. But at times, issues are a lot more complicated and can go beyond a single call or two. In such scenarios, it is best for customer support representatives, to be honest about the situation and help customers understand why resolving their issue will take time.

More than anything, customers value being told the truth. Instead of offering them short term solutions that will only superficially solve problems, brands can lead customers through a process that creates long term solutions.

By moving things in the right direction of problem-solving, brands can create confidence in customers. This confidence will then pave the way for customer loyalty.

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