Videos are important but they are not everything: Marketers

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November 10, 2021, 5:36 PM GMT+0

The latest Vidyard-Content Marketing Institute study highlights what marketers think about video content.

According to 83% of marketers surveyed, videos have become more important to brands in the last two years. In contrast, 46% of marketers said their key audience consumes videos but does not prefer video over other content types. Around 3% of marketers also say their key audience prefer different content types over video.

Around 60% of respondents expect their video budget to increase in the coming year compared to 2021. 69% of marketers also said their organisation needs to invest more in the format – indicating marketers believe in the power of video. The majority of marketers expect to invest in videos (69%) in 2022, followed by events (61%), owned-media assets (57%) and paid media (55%).

71% of marketers reported average results from their videos, with only 17% reporting excellent results. Nearly half of marketers further said their brand does not use existing video to its potential. However, the study found that videos with influencers or subject matter experts deliver the best results.

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