Brands should aim at offering consistent and human-centric omnichannel CX

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November 11, 2021, 3:51 PM GMT+0

73% of customers would switch brands when the brand experience is inconsistent across channels.

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) today must reimagine the brand experience for the customers to boost productivity for the team and customer engagement. This is particularly crucial given that about 75% of consumers today expect brands to offer consistent experiences across multiple channels.

Offering a consistent omnichannel experience can be challenging since teams are now distributed across different locations, owing to remote and hybrid work. CMOs need to find new ways to keep teams in sync. Brands can rely on AI-powered solutions instead of relying on traditional approaches like employee training and manual tools.

Digital writing assistants and living style guides can help teams understand preferred language, brand names, terminology style and tone. Such solutions can help brands avoid confusing audiences with jargon and inconsistent brand messages.

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